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PUBS General Membership Meeting - Spiced Beers/Ciders/Meads

Due to the rain, we'll be meeting this month at the Crooked Lane Brewing Company in Auburn.  The Doggiestyle Hotdogs food truck will be serving food!

 Our monthly general membership meetings are the third Thursday of each month. If it doesn't rain this month we'll be meeting at Kathrin's Biergarten in Rocklin, Ca. (Wear a Jacket!) An alternate location will be announced if rain is in the forecast!  

Style of the Month

Spiced Beers/Ciders/Meads. Bring in you best, or worst for judging feedback!!!

MeetUp Rules

no outside commercial beers are allowed

homebrew is permitted for competition only

The preceding rules are required to maintain compliance with state law and ABC regulations and will be strictly enforced.

Competition Rules

upon arrival, all homebrew must be immediately checked in with the cellar master

all homebrew must be stored in a non-commercial beverage container or in a recycled commercial container with its commercial labels completely removed

all homebrew is for competition only and any surplus will be disposed of before the container is returned to the competitor

all containers must be retrieved from the cellar master after the competition