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The Placer Ultimate Brewers Society's mission is to promote the spirit of goodwill and fellowship between members while dedicating its efforts toward the advancement of Placer County’s beer culture by:

Educating its members and the public on the complexities of beer

Educating its members and the public on the brewing process, and the

Sponsorship of club events and involvement in local community activities

Complexities of Beer

Monthly beer competitions challenge members to brew different styles of beer, while non-brewing membership get to sample and provide valuable feedback to the brewers. 

Brewing Process

Process discussions and hands-on demonstrations teach new and seasoned brewers a variety of brewing techniques and methods.


Fun club events and brewing days promote membership comradery and community involvement.



2019 Board Members

President : Damien Lawrence

Vice President : Jeff Jacobs

Secretary :

CO-Treasurer : Mark Schindler 


Events : phil menzies

Fundraising : David Long

Upcoming & Recent Events