Big Mike's Saison

All grain 5 gallons OG 1.060  FG  1.002  IBU  35

8.5 lbs  Pilsner Malt 1.0 lbs  Wheat Malt 0.5 lbs  Cara Munich 1.5 oz.  East Kent Goldings (60 min.) 0.5 oz.  StyrianGoldings (15 min.) 0.5 oz.  Saaz (15 min.)

Yeast:  Wyeast 3711 ( French Saison) + WPL 585 + Dupont dregs or strain

Mash at 148 degrees, raise to 170 mashout

Boil:  60-75 min.

Ferment:   Primary-  76° X 24hrs, 80° X 24hrs, 84° X 2days, 88° X 4days Secondary till FG 1.002 or less  ( add Brett. if not finished or stuck)

Possible additions:  White peppercorns, Coriander, Lemongrass. Lavender, Elderflower

Don Isbell's Saison

Saison (5 Gallon)winner 8/2012

Grain Bill 16 lbs Pilsner 1 lb Munich .5 lb Caramunich

Hop /Flavor Schedule 1.5 oz Liberty- 60 minute .5 oz Saaz- 20 minute .5 oz Saaz 1 minute

Adjunct Grains of Paradise- 1/2 teaspoon (Crushed) 5 minutes Whirlfloc (1 Tablet) – Add last 5 minutes of the boil

Wyeast Belgian Saison 3724 (Smack Pack)

Mashed 90 Minutes at 146F. Fermentation at 65 degrees for 2 days and then slowly ramped to 80 degrees. Increasing the temp. 2 degrees per day.

Ted Northrop's Pumpkin Ale

PUBS!Below is a link to my Pumpkin Ale recipe. Looking over my notes, I realize that I misspoke regarding my pumpkin additions. I did not place any pumpkin in the mash this year, because I forgot the rice hulls and I was already worried about a stuck sparge from the wheat malt. Instead I added the first pumpkin addition to the boil kettle while sparging.

This can also be made as an extract using 7# wheat malt extract and by stepping 1# 2-row & 1# Wheat malt for 30min @ 150F with the first pumpkin addition.

I hope everyone has good luck with my recipe. This is one of my favorites to brew each year. But, be warned the pumpkin prep is a lot of work and tends to add a couple extra hours to the brew day.