Minutes - PUBS Board of Directors Meeting - January 3. 2019

  1. Welcome: In attendance- Marc, Phil, Jeff, Dave and Damien

  2. Operation:

    1. Status of any current/ongoing business related to board positions:

      1. Secretary

        1. last meeting minutes- Will distribute at beginning of this meeting.

        2. Brew camp needs to move to last weekend of July

      2. Treasurer(s)

      3. Director of Activities

        1. Upcoming events

        2. Website issues?  Change of website?

        3. Speaker List

      1. Phil- Director of PR/Fundraising

        1. brewery tour -Loomis, Old Republic, Grass Valley, Crooked Lane, Loomis

          1. need bus costs

          2. dates: cutoff date in Feb, tour in late Feb, early March

        2. Need glasses and other merchandise at every meeting

        3. get stuff back from Bud

        4. Tap Folsom-

      2. Director of Membership

        1. Progress on transfer of responsibilities and any documents or other items

        2. Ways to incr membership?

          1. activities that are open to members only that are incentives to join

      3. Jeff- Vice President

        1. Proposed 2019 Competition Schedule - any updates?

  3. Misc.

    1. Should we bring back the Wall Beer (homebrew share) Competition on a monthly basis?  This may encourage more brewing. We can still have a monthly style presentations.

      1. no competition - more social event at end of meeting

    2. Here's an idea for the next Christmas Party...Instead of having a party, why don't we do a pub crawl? If everyone contributes $40 (or more), we could probably hire a bus. We could also do a potluck somewhere...Red Bus in their back room is a possibility?

    3. Matt Hall has indicated that he'd be willing to host a brewday.  I brewed with him a few day ago, and learned some new tricks. He has a very nice system, and does some unique things that I think all of you would be interested in seeing.  I suggest a vanpool since he lives in Garden Valley (near Georgetown). We could also visit Stash Brewery.

    4. Eric wants a brewday at Red Bus - AHA teach a friend

    1. Cellarmaster Position

      1. in charge of commercial samples?

      2. non board member

      3. in charge of talk/presentation

  4. Upcoming Meeting(s) - complete agenda for meeting

  1. Officer Roll Call

    1. go through new officers and let me introduce themselves, if they have updates they can give

  2. Remind Members that dues are now being accepted for 2019

  3. Brewing Questions

  4. Rules for Biere Blanche competition

    1. judge panel will determine the closest-Peter, andy and mike

    2. members also vote - both count for 1st place for brewer of the year

    3. need a couple of pitchers to compare

    4. normal score cards compared to BB as style

  5. Wall beer concept - coming Feb

  6. Beer Tour

    1. announce in January meeting

  7. Phil-create a member profile that allows for people to give input to skills and preferences.  Could be a google form that populates a sheet?

  8. Jeff-Better way to communicate with members

  • Bigger commitment to Meetup?

  • Focus more on the website