Minutes - PUBS Board of Directors Meeting - March 7, 2019

PUBS Board of Directors Meeting – March, 7, 2019 -Kathrin’s, Rocklin, 6:30pm

  1. Welcome: In attendance- Marc, Phil, Jeff, Dave and Damien

  2. Operation:

    1. Status of any current/ongoing business related to board positions:

      1. Secretary - no secretary as of yet

      2. Treasurer(s)

        1. up to $1100

      3. Director of Activities

        1. Rocklin Brewfest

      1. Phil- Director of PR/Fundraising

        1. White labs possible topics:

          1. harvesting yeast

          2. process-where did the strains come from? propagation to my beer? How do you create/discover year?

        2. Membership Communications

          1. Communication (email?) with members about upcoming events

            1. Maybe set up an email: Events@placerbrewers.org for communications like this. I can ask Dagan. - Dave

              1. messaged Dagan, waiting on the response

          2. Communication (Meetup? How?) with members about upcoming events

            1. both Phil and Jeff rights to add calendar events to our web site a couple of months ago. They just need to go explore as I did. Squarespace offers many video tutorials. https://placer-brewers.squarespace.com/config/)

          3. Communications (email?) with ex-members about re-joining and reasons to do so

          4. Listing Brewfest calendar on PUBS website (how?)

        3. brewery tour - update March 30

          1. Finalize planning for vehicle rental, driver nomination and insurance for Foothills Brewery Tour

          2. Van has been reserved - $129.99 + insurance. I volunteered to drive this go around. Spoke to my insurance, and they have no issues - similar to what Jeff had said in an earlier email.

          3. Marc said he could just take credit card over the phone for this trip.  No need to set up a paypal or venmo for this

        4. Replacing Bingo with raffles of donated items:

          1. For March I think we have something from Patrick                       

          2. For April I can probably get free yeast vouchers from White Labs

          3. We received notice from the State that we failed to complete the Nonprofit Raffle Report (Sept 1, 2017 - Aug 31, 2018).  This shouldn't be an issue because we didn't have many. Need to file within 30 Days! - Form #: CT-NRP-2

      1. Jeff- Vice President

  1. Misc.

    1. Rocklin Brewfest -Randy Green- Homebrew addition: June 1st?

      1. Big Mike and panel will do official judging with peoples choice as well

      2. cordoned off area for homebrew

      3. we could have the area where they walk in

      4. 10 homebrews - 5 gallons each

        1. this is where we would come into the picture

          1. reach out to other brew clubs  

        2. come up with a voting plan and bounce it off Tony and Randy

        3. get a list of homebrew supplies that Rotary can solicit for gift card prizes

          1. morebeer - online

          2. Ohara’s brew supply - Auburn

          3. Brewmeister -Eric Roseville and Folsom

          4. northern brewer- online

          5. midwestsupplies - online

        4. other clubs close to us that could enter

        5. 122:00-1:00 is brewers lunch: food and network time

        6. set up sample brew day

        7. breakdown

          1. willing to give $1000 for takedown roll up

            1. 8-10 would take about an hour

            2. roll fences

            3. move tables to pick up points

    2. Brewers Best - procedure?  Vote top 3? Do we have scorecards for comments or leave as conversations?

    3. Beer field trips:  meet and greet events, bus trips with drivers

    4. Possible brews for 2020:  

    5. Wall Beers (homebrew share) - anything else we need to think about or share

      1. not a competition!

      2. this will come after the competition

    6. Matt Hall has indicated that he'd be willing to host a brewday.  Proposed date?

    7. Eric wants a brewday at Red Bus - AHA teach a friend - proposed date

    8. Cellarmaster Position

      1. progress on person?

  1. Upcoming Meeting(s) - complete agenda for meeting

    1. Donna Dotti - Placer County Fair Home Brew Entries

    2. Officer Roll Call

      1. go through new officers and let me introduce themselves, if they have updates they can give

    3. Remind Members that dues are now being accepted for 2019

    4. Brewing Questions

    5. Rocklin Brewfest announcement

      1. who would be interested?  likelihood that around 3 are online sign up, then maybe three per local brew club

    6. Remind we are bringing  back the Wall Beers (homebrew share) not a competition!

      1. this will come after the competition

    7. Voting for Brewer best - Everyone votes top 3