Minutes - PUBS Board of Directors Meeting - April 4, 2019

PUBS Board of Directors Meeting – April 4, 2019 -Kathrin’s, Rocklin, 6:30pm

  1. Welcome: In attendance- Marc, Phil, Jeff, Dave and Damien

  2. Operation:

    1. Status of any current/ongoing business related to board positions:

      1. Secretary - no secretary as of yet

      2. Treasurer(s)

        1. up to $1,011.5

      3. Director of Activities

        1. Reach out to Monks on collaboration beer for Beer Week

      4. Phil- Director of PR/Fundraising

        1. White labs possible topics:

          1. harvesting yeast

          2. process-where did the strains come from? propagation to my beer? How do you create/discover year?

          3. audio options?

            1. Jeff has a project

            2. old computer speakers

        2. Communication (email?) with members about upcoming events

            1. email set up - send out reminder to bring relevant yeast topics

        3. brewery tour -

          1. Debrief

            1. do another tour sometime soon?  date?

          2. Pictures - make a folder where people can share their photos

            1. send out email asking for photos emailed then make a google slide show?

        4. Replacing Bingo with raffles of donated items:

          1. I have some tap handles from Don (Damien)

      1. Jeff- Vice President

        1. bring a proposed 2020 calendar to board meeting

        2. brew Camp - Aug 3, 4

          1. “Tropical Porter”

  3. Misc.

    1. Rocklin Brewfest -Randy Green- Homebrew addition: June 1st?

      1. Ask mike when he wants samples?  Judging day before?

      2. Tim Dozier volunteered to help

      3. PUBS brewers

        1. take volunteers at meeting and find interest

      4. Which clubs should be invited if we stick to 80 corridor.

        1. Ask Patrick and Eric to get three brewers each that are local

          1. Damien will contact Patrick for 3 local brewers

          2. Dave will reach out to Eric for 3 local brewers

        2. Gold Country, Grass Valley,

    1. Beer field trips:  meet and greet events, bus trips with drivers

    2. Possible brews for 2020:  

    3. Wall Beers (homebrew share) - anything else we need to think about or share

      1. not a competition!

      2. this will come after the competition

    4. NCHF beers

      1. club gives $50 for each brew

    5. Matt Hall has indicated that he'd be willing to host a brewday.  Proposed date-May?

    6. Eric wants a brewday at Red Bus - AHA teach a friend - proposed date

    7. Cellarmaster Position

      1. progress on person?

  4. Upcoming Meeting(s) - complete agenda for meeting

  1. Officer Roll Call

    1. go through new officers and let me introduce themselves, if they have updates they can give

  2. Remind Members that dues are now being accepted for 2019

  3. review of the Foothills trip (Jeff will have photos to show)

  4. upcoming beer events as a lead-in to discussion of the Rocklin event and our participation, and the

  5. Rocklin Brewfest announcement

    1. who would be interested?  We need volunteers for brewing and booth and clean up (get in one hour before closing)

      1. beer

        1. Don

        2. Jeff

    2. Placer county fair entries

  6. Placer County event (both Dave?), and thinking ahead for brewing beers for NCHF (Jeff?).

  7. Brewing Questions

  8. After Erik’s webinar we could do a raffle of yeast vouchers donated by White Labs

  9. webinar with Erik is scheduled to start at 7pm. He is planning on a 15 min talk and will take questions after, for up to 30 min if there are that many (we should have a few in our pocket to kick things off.)

  10. Then the Extract brewing competition, followed by Wall Beers (if anyone brings any.)