Minutes - PUBS Board of Directors Meeting - October 4, 2018

Minutes - PUBS Board of Directors Meeting – September 6, 2018

Kathrins Biergarten, Rocklin, 6:30pm

Attendees: Matt Carroll, Dave Long, Kevin and Andrew Sach, Mark Schindler, Phil Menzies

September minutes - not available for review.

II. Activities - MOKSA Homebrewer’s Appreciation Night - Oct 16 5-8 PM. Thanks, Dave for taking the lead.

  • Monk’s Cellar Clone Competition. Will be announced at November’s meeting, hopefully, a discussion from Peter or Andy on the beer style and one or both will be present January, 2019 mtg to judge entries.

  • Upcoming general membership meetings - October at Kathrin’s; November through February at Monk’s Cellar.

  • October general meeting - Nominations for board positions for 2019 will be taken. We should consider sending out an email to all members prior to the meeting listing all board positions and maybe a link to each of their duties. This will give them a little time to think about it prior to the meeting. The results will be announced at the November meeting.

  • PUBS Christmas Party is scheduled for Thursday, Dec 6 at Monk’s Cellar. We will have brewer’s best competition on the wall and the gift exchange which should be kept under $20. The Brewer of the Year will be announced at this meeting.

III. Treasury - We are budgeted for the Christmas party.

  • -Mark continues to look for alternative banking that would include free checking. Changing accounting program from Quickbooks to WAVE(?). Consider discussing with Dagan whether there are cheaper alternatives for our website costs.

  • -Start soon to make the push for members to renew their memberships. Will be counting on this income to fund expenses and activities in the new year.

IV. Membership - See renewals above.

  • -2 big winners at the GABF are from Rocklin and Roseville. Neither appear to be associated with a home brew club. Would be a score if someone could contact them (find their email?) and invite them to the club.

  • Reach out to commercial breweries at upcoming fests to offer our services for pouring, help set up etc. This would be club publicity and not to make money. Thanks to Phil for putting together a comprehensive list of all upcoming fests for the next year.

V. Fundraising - Has been weak this year. Discussed pouring commercial

  • beer at a fest for profit. This could also include selling some their merchandise such as T shirts, glasses, etc., and taking a share of the profits. Patrick may have more info about how to set up if possible.

  • We can raffle off a pot of money at the Roseville mtgs but not in Rocklin.

VI. Events

  • -AHA rally at Heretic - Happened (Sat Oct 6). Hope someone got some free wort.

  • Sacramento Brew Street is tomorrow (Oct 13) in Midtown from 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM.

  • Need to get a feel for how many are interested in attending PUBS Brew Camp in 2019 and when campground reservations need to be made.

  • We need to discuss NCHF reservations for 2019 with Jeff 2 vs 3 sites.

VII. Action items

  • Can someone with the membership roster send an email out before next meeting reminding all to think about being a board member and nominations will happen at the Oct mtg?

  • Someone in the know discuss with Dagan about the website.

  • -ttempt to contact the GABF local winners.

  • For future - a contact(s) for brew fest pouring or selling commercial beer.

  • Discuss with Jeff about NCHF 2019.