Minutes - PUBS Board of Directors Meeting - May 3, 2018

Minutes - PUBS Board of Directors Meeting – May 3, 2018

Moksa, Rocklin, 6:30pm

Dave Damian Matt Jeff Mark Kevin Andrew

April Minutes reviewed and approved

Auburn Foothills Brewfest Details:

  • Get to Brewfest by 10am

  • Tickets at Will Call

  • Brewers: Bud, Mat Jeff, Phil (serving Dave’s maibock).

  • Bring your own buckets for icing kegs

  • All four PUBS brewers at one table (check with Patrick if OK) - 2 jockey boxes each having 2 taps

  • Jeff will provide CO2 w/5-way distribution. Bud will bring backup tank.

  • Jeff will bring shade, banner, flag, tablecloths, membership forms (Kevin will send latest version)


  • Jeff will print a few (~20)

  • Check with Vista Print re: larger order (250?) and get back to board.

  • Brochure needs a cosmetic makeover (more like original brochure?) Information is OK

  • Put spaces between sponsor names on back

Other activity details:

  • Sac Mac (for Beer Week):

    • Thursday, May 10 th

    • About $2,400 received on behalf of Craft Brewers Asso (will keep separate from PUBS funds).

    • PUBS will have Booth - collaboration with Amoretti flavorings

    • PUBS booth staff - Don, Dave, Dagan, Matt, Jeff, others

    • Jeff will bring brown ale, Monk’s Cellar will provide maibock, Don will bring ?

  • Rocklin Brewfest:

    • June 2 nd

    • No direct participation. Maybe hand out brochures? Who?

  • Moksa bottle giveaway:

    • Details?

May Competition Presentation:

  • Bock Beers

Dave or Bud to provide short talk

  • Dave needs someone to bring old projector/computer (Damian will do, with Kevin as backup)

Next Clone Competition:

  • Monk’s Cellar Bier Blanch (They are agreeable).

Campout July 27-29:

  • Suggested cost $25/person, includes camping, Sat Breakfast and Dinner. All other food is up to participants.

  • Will brew small (10 Gal) batch of wort Sat

  • Need to begin collecting money

  • Need to validate that group camp campers can use Sugar Pine picnic area.

Water Test Kit:

  • Need a new one. Damian will pursue. ~$250.

  • Suggested we have a demo on how to use Bruin Water or other site to publish water profile


  • Suggestion to standardize competition entry (simple card entry form w/holepunch to tie onto entry)

  • *Create sample - Name/date/style/space for entry number

Competition Style Calendar:

  • May: Bock Beers

  • June: Brewer’s Best/Worst