Minutes - PUBS Board of Directors Meeting - July 5, 2018

Minutes - PUBS Board of Directors Meeting – July 5, 2018

Kathrins Biergarten, Rocklin, 6:30pm

Damian Dave Jeff Mark Kevin Andrew Bud

June Minutes reviewed and approved with the following changes:

Dave was present at June meeting. Damian was not.


  • No change

Other activity details:

  • Bottle share at Damian’s went well (light attendance).

July Competition Presentation:

  • IPA. Maybe Big Mike? Dave?

Campout July 27-29:

Still have not collected any money, or signed anyone up. It is still definitely on.

Brew on Saturday, the 28 th will be Amarillo Rye Pale Ale. Damian, Matt say they will go.


  • Mark looked into Quickbooks alternative (Slick Pie). Mark opened a test account. Dave will try transferring

  • some data. A standalone version is available (instead of subscription).

  • About $1,000 in bank

  • Insurance is coming due.

  • Looking for free checking (Golden One?)


  • No Change


  • September 14 th -15 th . Remind members that first round of tickets go on sale July 16 th 10am.

  • Suggested booth theme: Down and Out in Las Vegas (possible legal issue with that name – may have to change to “Busted In Las Vegas”)


  • PUBS Bier Blanche clone brew is with MONK’s (not Loomis Basin as previously noted). NEED A DATE.

  • Suggestion to push barrel aged sours as far out into future as possible.

  • Other 2019 competition calendar suggestions:

    • Jan – Weisenbock

    • Feb – Extract Brew (min 70% extract?)

    • July – Rye IPA

    • Aug – Wit beer

Competition Style Calendar:

  • July: IPA’s

  • August Saison