Minutes - PUBS Board of Directors Meeting - January 4, 2018

Minutes - PUBS Board of Directors Meeting – Jan 4, 2018

Kathrin’s Biergarten, Rocklin, 6:30pm

Union Jack Judging:

  • Bottle on each Table

  • Recipe and process are up to the competitors

  • Use standard judging form, but compare to sample, instead of BJCP guidelines

We will be at Monk’s Cellar for January, February and March. Back in Kathrin’s in April

Upcoming Presentation Ideas:

  • Brewing Water

  • Gravity

  • Gadgets

Revenue Generating Ideas:

  • Bingo instead of raffle? ($25 Annual fee from Roseville)

  • Pull Tab - Mark will investigate Rules

Local Brewery Tours:

  • Ask Dave to investigate

New Brochure

  • Jeff said he would try creating a draft (not done yet)

  • Post at Sierra College

Recognition for Gold members – keep it simple (and cheap)

Membership drive:

  • Outreach to members & NON-members

  • Outreach at activities (volunteer)


  • Matt will reach out to Cynthia re: Barktoberfest and other events

Brew days: Try to engage absent members Don-Feb, Jeff-May