Minutes - PUBS Board of Directors Meeting - February 1, 2018

Minutes - PUBS Board of Directors Meeting – Feb 1, 2018

Kathrin’s Biergarten, Rocklin, 6:30pm

Jan Minutes review and approved

Matt out with an injury from a broken carboy

Union Jack Judging:

  • 2 Bottles on each Table (start with 1, then replace when empty)

  • Put single glass of UJ in middle of each table for color comparison

  • Pitchers (Dave has 4) used for entries

  • If there are 6 or fewer entries, put in real UJ as an entry (a “ringer”)

  • Need 12-18 bottles – get early, as not always available.

We will be at Monk’s Cellar for February and March. Back in Kathrin’s in April. Another possibility is Cool River Pizza. Damian will check on a possible site on Eureka Rd.

PUBS Campout (July 27-29 2018)

  • Need volunteers to be lead for Food and Activities

  • Ask members present at Feb meeting (Jeff is backup for food lead if nobody else volunteers)


Taxes are filed

Mark provided more details regarding BINGO, but seeking additional info.

  • Bingo is licensed by cities, and Rocklin is not an option for Bingo. Roseville OK

  • Need at least 25 participants for a game, and can only have one winner.

  • Consensus that we should give it a try (but not give up raffle just yet)

Need CA Attorney General filing in September

February Presentation:

Dave will put together presentation on how he created his clone (in collaboration with Jeff)


  • Rocklin Brewfest in June – may not be a fundraiser, but an opportunity for PR

  • Dave will talk to Big Mike about a brewery tour

  • Haze Craze Brew Day at Don Isbell’s Feb 10 th . Brew day at Jeff’s in May (date TBD)

  • State Fair entries due Feb 16 th . Judging is March 9-11 (will need judges)

  • May do a collaboration brew with Monk’s Cellar (possibly a kettle sour)


  • Need more donated prizes

  • Barktoberfest – Bud will investigate… is it happening, can we participate?


  • Kevin has new cards

  • Mark to fill in for membership signup at Feb meeting (Kevin will not be available)

Ideas for future meeting presentations:

  • Jennifer Talley (session beers)

  • Beer defects (JJ Jackson)

Competition Calendar:

  • Reach out to members regarding styles or competition scheduling

Competition Details: Be very clear when presenting the upcoming competition details, about expectations (e.g. when we are looking for a specific BJCP style, vs when the category is broader). Entries that do not meet the competition criteria can be evaluated, and receive feedback. But they cannot win the competition.