Minutes - PUBS Board of Directors Meeting – July 6, 2017

Minutes - PUBS Board of Directors Meeting – July 6, 2017
Black Vinyl Project, Rocklin, 6:30pm

I.               Welcome (Jeff Jacobs – President Not Present)

II.             Operation:

a.    Status of any current/ongoing business related to board positions:

                                              i.     Damian – Secretary

1.     Not Present

                                            ii.     Dave/Mark – Treasurer(s)

1.     Bank account has been reconciled – no issues

2.     Bank balance = $2084.75

a.    $364 is outstanding for purchase of Tee-Shirts.

b.    New checks have arrived.

c.     Club insurance is due soon.

d.    BYO subscription offer has been extended to Sept.

                                          iii.     Don – Director of Activities

1.     Not Present

2.     Damien’s bottle was successful, but would like more members to attend. (Dave)

3.     Next meeting:

a.    Aged Beer Competition

b.    Damien will present on his experiment.

c.     NCHF

·    Sept 15-17th

·    Jeff reserved campsite for the club

·    Chilli Dogs for the booth

·    Mexican food for camp

·    Andrew Sach volunteered to make tree stands for the booth.

·    Need a beer list

                                            iv.     Ginny – Fund Raising

1.     Running low on Raffle prizes.  Suggest everyone hit up breweries or ?  for donations.

2.     Gold Tournament

a.    Need to create a flyer

b.    Need up create a web page

c.     Two more sponsors: 101 North Brewing Co. & Grav South Brewing Co.

                                              v.     Kevin – for Director of Membership

1.     Club roster printed out with contact data for most members. Will add cover letter.

                                            vi.     Chris – Vice President

1.     Not Present

2.     Dave review club competition schedule

3.     Dave will do commercial examples until Chris returns

III.           New Business Not Incl. on Agenda

a.  Crooked Lane beer release was very successful. Dave named the beer “This One’s for Anne” in honor of Anne Sach

b.  Dave presented a potential summer campout location for Jeff

                                     i.              Forbes Creek Camp

                                   ii.              Ice House Resort ($30/night) (suggested by Ginny)