PUBS Board of Directors Meeting – May 4, 2017

Black Vinyl Project, Rocklin, 6:30pm

  1. Welcome
  2. The passing of Anne Sach – make sure the website reflects her passing
  3. Operation: 
    1. Status of any current/ongoing business related to board positions:
      1. Damian – Secretary
        1. It was requested that Minutes be added to the top so that there is clear distinction between agenda and minutes
      2. Dave/Mark – Treasurer(s)
        1. Everything is balanced.
        2. $2487 in account with $133.93 outstanding
      3. Don – Director of Activities
        1. Next meeting is to be held at BV (make sure social media reflects this)
        2. No contact with Crooked Lan yet about future brewing plan – people who entered can be there on brew day.
        3. Presentations
          1. Experimental- pitch rate
            1. Create head to head competition from A vs B
          2. Big Mike
        4. Future experiments
          1. Does pH matter
          2. Check out “lager series”
        5. Need someone is in charge of Board/General meeting
          1. Don is happy doing it for now.


      1. Ginny – Director of PR/Fund Raising 
        1. More prizes and pretzels needed
        2. Need more donations
        3. Ask guest speakers from breweries if they have any swag they could donate
        4. Hold a PUBS beer tasting even at Total Wine
      2. Kevin – for Director of Membership
        1. 48 current members, 17 of which are gold members
        2. Can we come up with ways to find new members
      3. Chris – Vice President
        1. Not in attendance 


  1. Upcoming Meeting(s)
    1. Homebrew topics/speaker suggestions
    2. Getting serious about NCHF – planning meeting
      1. We need commitments for Beer, Camp Activity or Booth
      2. Brew share and brainstorm at Jeff’s House Sat June 3rd


  1. Agenda for general meeting on May 18th.
    1. Brew ?’s
    2. Experimental Series
    3. Big Mike – Kolsch
    4. Announcements: brainstorm for NCHF and have white board for sign ups
  1. Details/plans/next steps for Golf Tournament
    1. Volunteers for the committee
      1. Free round of golf for volunteers
      2. ii.Already 7 sponsors
      3. iii.Email blast/social media blasts
      4. iv.Possibly add page to website.
  2. New Business Not Incl. on Agenda
    1. We need to revisit Mission Statement/By-laws and come up with a paragraph summarizing them