Meeting Minutes - Board of Directors - October 6, 2016


Board of Directors Meeting


Meeting Started: 6:40pm

Present: Jason Williamson, Dave Long, Tim Dozier, Jeff Jacobs, Don Isbell, Ginny Moreau, Chris Mattox, Joe Gorman, Ann, Kevin and Andrew Sach.

Last Month’s Minutes: Last month’s minutes were not available to vote on because our Secretary Damien Lawrence was not in attendance.

Treasury Report: (Dave Long and Jeff Jacobs) Current Balance is approx. $3100 + petty cash. Dave- In review of raffle purchases, we must continue to use caution that our raffle purchases do not exceed 10% of revenue, currently we are at approx 13%. We also discussed membership dues going forward, Do we want to add an additional $10 fee per additional family member or keep it as is. This is something that will need to be voted on.

Barktoberfest: (Cynthia Lee) Event is this Sunday October 9th. We are good on volunteers for set up and pouring beer. Food has been purchased and will be supplied to volunteers. Set up is 9-9:30am. At this point pushing ticket sales.

Other Activities: Brewery Tour-Look into Sunpower Bus for a second tour. AHA rally Oct. 29th. Nov 5th AHA Learn to Homebrew Day-club along with Patrick OHara will be hosting an event that day at his shop in Auburn, details to follow.

Merchandising (Ginny Moreau) Glasses: 144 @ $2.25ea + $60 one time set up fee + Shipping. (We need final price before ordering as price sounds high compared to what we paid last time.) Stickers and Shirts $7-15, Hats $8-10 with digitizing fee.( Decision: Get final pricing with all costs to order glasses ASAP)

Misc. Items

-Club Storage: Ginny has reported that her personal PUBS glasses went missing from the storage locker. These items may have been mistakenly taken to the Brewers Summit for exhibition, and have since went missing. Suggestion, to have a sign in/out sheet for items in storage. Also suggested, no personal items should be left in the storage unit.

-Membership Forms: We need to have updated membership applications ready to go for NOV and DEC meetings.

-Christmas Party: At Monks Cellar Saturday December 3rd? at 7 or 7:30 pm. Still working out the details with Andy.

-New Meeting Venue: Will be Dave and Busters for October, and Monks Cellar for Nov and Dec.

-New Board Positions: Cellar Master, Past President, 2 Person Treasury, each were voted down. Cellar Master/stewards will be managed by VP as part of his/her duties.

Adjourn: 8:26pm