Meeting Minutes - Board of Directors - March 3, 2016

Meeting Minutes: PUBS Board of Directors Meeting 03/03/16 Meeting Start: 6:30pm

Meeting Adjourn: 8:36pm

Present: Jason Williamson, Don Isbell, Tim Dozier, Chris Mattox, Ginny Moreau, Paul Moreau, Jeff Butterworth, Mike Moore, David Long

Last Month’s Minutes: Approved

Summary of Voting Results:

  1. Vote: Approve last month’s BoD meeting minutes = PASS
  2. Vote: Approve David Long to serve as “secure mail location” = PASS
  3. Vote: Organize educational brewery tour on 4/3/16 at price of $40/per = PASS
  4. Vote: Add Gose to Berliner Weiss in August 2016 = PASS
  5. Vote: Add Gose to Berliner Weiss in August 2016 = PASS
  6. Vote: Expand IPA in September 2016 to include Specialty IPA

Key Action Items [person(s),deadline]:

  • [Jeff Butterworth, next meeting]: Jeff B to look for storage options at $60/month
  • [All, March BoD Meeting]: President requests board members to review/edit brewing-scholarship proposal document (use google “edit mode”) before next BoD meeting, and provide suggestions/comments


  1. Approved last month’s minutes
  2. Treasury Update (David Long)
    1. We are now registered for non-profit raffle
  • Activities Update (Tim Dozier)
    1. Educational brewery tour
      1. Proposed 4/3/16 to visit 3-4 breweries complete with a full tour at Ol’Republic and lunch
        1. Transportation provided on SunPower bus
      2. VOTE (see summary above).
    2. Public Relations and Fundraising (Ginny Moreau)
      1. Summary of Roseville Brewing Anniversary Event
        1. Possibly 2-3 new members, advertised general meeting, met with screen printer
      2. Rayley’s Reward Card could earn 1% or purchases for club
        1. Rayley’s may be able to host beer tasting
      3. Cool Beerwerks will donate 5-6 carboys
    3. Vice President (Don Isbell)
      1. Laptop donation – requests $50 to cover the cost of a new hard drive
      2. Commercial suggestions for stout meeting: Old Rasputin, Guinness, Oatmeal Stout, local imperial stout
      3. Brewing calendar discussion
        1. Suggestions for undecided months: English Ales, Hybrid Beers
      4. Suggestion to have Mike score a commercial beer at a general meeting to assist with club judging
    4. Initiatives
      1. Meeting location
        1. Large “back area” is no longer available to Black Vinyl
          1. Next month to be outside at Black Vinyl – may be issue with rain
        2. Suggestions for new locations: Owl club, Boxing Donkey, Rotary Club, Monk’s Cellar
      2. Storage
        1. Jeff B to look for storage options at $60/month
      3. NCHF
        1. Planning Committee: Tim Dozier and David Long with support from the board
        2. Consensus ins a “no” to the idea of brewing on site
      4. Brewing Scholarship
        1. Reviewed feedback
        2. JW asks all to continue to edit and comment.
    1. Suggestion to add link to Facebook page on general PUBS website
    2. Suggestion to add “Contact us” page to webpage
    3. Trying to get brewer from Highwater Brewery to talk about stout and campfire stout in March meeting.
    4. Member feedback: one member has requested more feedback on brewed beer at each meeting.
    5. Idea: Have members to suggest topics to be covered in the next meeting
    6. Discussion of change in prices of membership for 2017
      1. $25 for single member with additional $10 for family
      2. Drop Gold Membership?

Meeting minutes recorded by: Jeff Butterworth