Meeting Minutes - Board of Directors - July 7, 2016

PUBS - Board of Directors Meeting 7/7/2016 Meeting Started: 6:45pm

Present: Jason Williamson, Dave Long, Tim Dozier, Jeff Jacobs, Damien Lawrence, Paul and Ginny Moreau, Joe Gorman, Chris Mattox.

Last Month’s Minutes: Voted to approve unanimously.

Treasury Report: (Dave Long and Jeff Jacobs)

  • No real changes

Merchandising (Ginny)):

  • Glassware
  • Last year - $275 for 144 glasses, this year it would only be $243
  • Suggested that we add stickers to order (Dave is getting prices on this)
  • Shirts - need to order men’s t-shirts but still need to find best cost
  • Bottle Openers - 100 for $317
    • It was unanimous to order if under $3 each landed

Dave pointed out that we need to pay sales tax for theses out of club money so this needs to be embedded in cost.

Ginny suggested a price point of $5 increments on most items

NCHF Update: (Tim Dozier)

Beers for Event: Would like to have 6 beers  as listed then add 3-4 more that are not Belgians.  It was suggested having a tasting at the campsite and picking the best to add to the rotation

  1. Dave Long Belgian Golden Strong,
  2. JW Dubbel,
  3. Jeff Jacobs Belgian Blonde,
  4. Don Isbell Saison,
  5. Tim Dozier Belgian White IPA,
  6. Damien Lawrence Belgian Cider


Food for Event:  Ginny made several samples of possible food to be served great.  The costs were:

  • Citrus Endive Salad - $0.50 each
  • Pear Endive Salad -$0.60 each
  • Tart Cherry meatball -$0.17 each
  • Chocolate Pops   -$0.14

Plates with meatballs, endive and choco pop would run around $200, keep in mind we have a $500 budget for the event in total

Booth Update:  It should cost around $200 and the committee will care care of it.  Campsites were around $140

Food for Campsite:  Friday night should be a BYO BBQ.  People are to bring whatever they would like to BBQ with some extra to share.  A potluck of side dishes should give enough food


Storage Inventory: Damien, JW, Dave, Jeff, Ginny have keys and there is one on site

  • Black Pearl no in yet but some would like it to be
  • Booth
  • 2 jockey boxes
  • Shade
  • Brew system?

Meetings:  Feedback from June was very positive but we all agreed we still need to keep mixing it up.

  • September meeting moved to 22nd
  • Ideas for future meetings
    • Start at 6:30 sharp
    • Say meeting starts at 6:00
    • 6-6:30 is official social time


Brewers Summit: September 9th-10th, Club to host booth demonstrating homebrew equipment and ingredients with interactive demonstration of brewing onsite with electric brew system, volunteered by Joe Gorman. We need to continue to promote event on our facebook page.

Beer Institute - Aug 20:  could use a couple of people who would get free entrance

Bus Trip: would be fun in the future but Tim has not looked into a future date yet.

Brewer’s Calendar: (Don Isbell) not present

Educational:  Current format of offering educational components was well received.  Possible suggestions for future topics:

  • Hitting target gravities (covered by beersmith)
  • pH
  • Utilizing Brewer’s Friend website
  • Build out on kettle

New Board Venues: suggested that we should hold a Board Meeting at these venues to see which is a best fit

  • Craft Beer Vault
  • Owl Club
  • Old Towne Pizza

Misc. Items

  • Legislation: clubs can share at licensed establishments if it goes trough
  • Membership list can be found on goolgedrive: admin >membership >2016