Meeting Minutes - Board of Directors - February 3, 2016

Meeting Minutes: PUBS Board of Directors Meeting 02/04/16 Meeting Start: 6:30pm

Meeting Adjourn: 7:30pm

Present: Jason Williamson, Don Isbell, Tim Dozier, Jeff Jacobs, Chris Mattox, Ginny Moreau, Paul Moreau, Jeff Butterworth, Mike Moore

Last Month’s Minutes: Approved with edits made on 2/5/2016 that are reflective of feedback at the February 2016 BoD Meeting

Summary of Voting Results:

  1. Vote: Approve last month’s BoD meeting minutes with minor edits = PASS
  2. Vote: Allow $300 computer budget = PASS
  3. Vote: Allow $500 projector budget = NO PASS
  4. Vote: Allow $60/month storage budget = PASS
  5. Vote: Allow $120 secure-mailbox budget = PASS
  6. Vote: 2016 Family Camp = NO PASS
  7. Vote: 2016 NCHF = PASS
  8. Vote: Allow $500 in budget for scholarship support = PASS
  9. Vote: Proceed with discovery meeting with CPA or law professional = NO PASS (continue with current accountant until need arises)
  10. Vote: Accept 2016 budget = PASS
  11. Vote: Test email for B.O.D. communication/next 90 days = PASS

Key Action Items [person(s),deadline]:

  • [All, March BoD Meeting]: President requests board members to review/edit brewing-scholarship proposal document (use google “edit mode”) before next BoD meeting, and provide suggestions/comments
  • [All, March BoD Meeting]: President asks BoD members to continue to generate suggestions to add value to club
  • [Chris Mattox, tbd]: Chris to ask Erik at Brewmiester about storage and AHA Learn-to-Brew Day


  1. 2016 Budget Review
    1. Computer: Proposal to purchase a laptop computer for club activities.
      1. Discussion: Consider saving the $300 for this year and combining with $300 for next year to buy a better computer. Don Isbell may have a laptop to donate. Install BeerSmith on any club owned computer. VOTE (see summary above).
    2. Projector/Screen:
      1. Discussion: Current projector was donated by Don Isbell, but does not have HDMI input. There is concern about lack of “modern connections”. Not a pressing need. VOTE (see summary above).
    3. Storage:
      1. Discussion: Items that require storage include booth, sunshade, jockey boxes, façade cornhole game, etc. Possible storage locations include West Sac Beermiester (Chris to inquire) and/or space at Mike Moore’s place. Concern over annual cost of storage. VOTE (see summary above).
    4. Mailbox with Legal Custodian:
      1. Discussion: Vote to approve $120 cost of mailbox. VOTE (see summary above).
    5. Dates for Consideration:
      1. Family Camp:
        1. Discussion: Propose to not organize family camp in 2016 in an effort to emphasize NCHF. Will consider return of family camp in 2016. VOTE (see summary above).
      2. NCHF:
        1. Discussion: Current budget of $500. Proposal to allocate more – not considered needed. Booth may need updating, but $500 should cover it. VOTE (see summary above).
        2. Considering NCHF-specific photo-slideshow for a general meeting to introduce it to those new to NCHF.
      3. AHA Learn-to-Brew Day
        1. Discussion: Consider Monk’s Cellar, Brewmiester, Loomis basin. Chris to inquire about use of Brewmiester space.
      4. Holiday Party
        1. Discussion: Raffle vs. gift exchange. Venue consideration, Boxing Donkey, Monk’s Cellar, etc. Consider date other than 1st Thursday of December. Discussion tabled until later in the year.
  • Brewing Scholarship:
    1. Discussion: President again asks board to review and edit google document (in “edit mode”). There is already $500 in budget to support scholarship, and board voted to approve this -- VOTE (see summary above).
  1. Effort to seek out advice of CPA or Lawyer:
    1. Discussion: Plan to continue with current situation using professional accountant until need for CPA or lawyer. VOTE (see summary above).
  2. Promotion:
    1. Signage -- Discussion: No need for new sign, but Ginny requests extra easel.
    2. Business cards – Discussion: Need re-design without QR code. Proposal to include meeting location and time, but others suggest pointing to the club website would be more accurate. Ginny indicates that probably less than 100 of current cards remain.
  3. Board Communication:
    1. Discussion: Ideas to have board communicate via text, email, Facebook, google hangouts, etc. Interest in having “more immediate” response than email can provide. There is some resistance to additional software and or social-networking/media-like tools. Discussion to try email and text for 90 days. President collects email address and cell phone numbers for all. VOTE (see summary above).

 Meeting minutes recorded by: Jeff Butterworth