Meeting Minutes – Board of Directors – August 6, 2015


Board of Directors Meeting


Meeting Started: 6:37pm

Present: Dave Long, Jason Williamson, Tim Dozier, Jeff Jacobs, Don Isbell, Cynthia Lee, Rick Lee, Cian, and Big Mike

Last Month’s Minutes: There were no meeting minutes for July.

Treasury Report: Current Balance is approx.  $1600. There is an outstanding check for club insurance which is $203.

Membership / Merchandising (Don Isbell): We are out of 3XL black jerseys. We unanimously voted to approve the purchase of 4 more. We have 40 tasting glasses in inventory.

Brewer’s Calendar: We agreed to add Brewer’s best to June 2016, Saison in July 2016 and Fruit/Vegetable beer in November of 2016. Berlinerweisse was added for August 2016.

Fundraising / Events (Cynthia and Rick Lee): Stars n Suds, Revisit planning and event structure for next year.  Sacramento’s Brewers summit 9/11-9/13 at community center. We have a team of PUBS volunteers.  Barktoberfest Sunday October 4th.  20 Breweries, 11am-4pm. Learn to Brew day 11/7, we should plan a brew day, TBD.

Misc. Items

-Meet-up: Dave is administrator, he will show JW how to navigate and make changes.

-Christmas party: Monks? TBD

-Club Ins: 58 members $203, voted unanimously to approve.

-Short Brewing topics: JW to present on mash efficiency at this months meeting.

-Water test kit: Board has voted to approve this purchase. We will offer to sell tests of local water supplies to help defer cost of kit.

-Upcoming Speakers: No guest speaker for this month.

-Educational Materials: Don brought a full color club brochure, we agreed to get a quote on printing   500.

Adjourn: 7:30