Meeting Minutes - Board of Directors - June 4, 2015

PUBSBoard of Directors Meeting 6/4/2015 Meeting Started: 6:37pm Present: Dave Long, Tim Dozier, Jeff Jacobs, Don Isbell, Cynthia Lee, Rick Lee, Cian, Sarah, Becky and Big Mike

Last Month’s Minutes: We voted to approve the minutes as is.

Treasury Report: Current Balance is approx. $3,360. Approximately $1,100 is deposits for Stars and Suds event.

Membership / Merchandising (Don Isbell): 2 new members at May meeting. We are low on shirts and have approved to order 5 Medium. 5 Large, and 5 XL black jerseys. We also approved to purchase more of the 3oz taster cups through Amazon, Tim.

Brewer’s Calendar: To remain as is, except for May of 2016 add Wheat beers to calendar, 40+% wheat required.

Fundraising / Events (Cynthia and Rick Lee): Barktoberfest Sunday October 4th. 26 Breweries invited, will have sign up sheet for volunteers as date approaches and numbers are known. Placer County fair would like us to set up a booth including our façade from NCHF.

Misc. Items -Educational materials: needed for booth and all public events. -Stars and Suds: 57 RSVPs, still trying to get an invoice for club deposit of $950. Cost is $100 to camp, $25 goes to club. -AHA Learn to brew day: 11/7/15. -Short Brewing Topics: 15 minute presentations of various brewing topics to be presented at monthly general membership meetings for education purposes. -Water test kit: Board has voted to approve this purchase. We will offer to sell tests of local water supplies to help defer cost of kit. -Upcoming Speakers: Jeremy from Knee Deep. Sarah has agreed to do a presentation on fermentation control demonstrating her new system. -Big Mike: Needs judges for upcoming State Fair judging…put the word out.