Meeting Minutes - Board of Directors - March 5, 2015

PUBS Board of Directors Meeting 3/5/2015 Meeting Started: 6:45pm Present: Dave Long, Dagan Henderson, Tim Dozier, Jeff Jacobs, Don Isbell, Cynthia and Rick Lee, Brenda Mench, and Jason Williamson

Last Month’s Minutes: We voted to approve the minutes as is.

Treasury Report: Current Balance is approx. $2,000.

Information has been submitted for filing with accountant Frank Messina, there are still a couple of questions outstanding, but it is getting close to being completed.

Membership / Merchandising (Don Isbell): Membership total at 40. Shirts: number of shirts is getting low. We still have 5 black jerseys, no shirt order at this time. Brewer’s Calendar (Dagan Henderson): March: Ciders/Meads, April: Kolsch, May: Bock, June: SMASH Beers, July: European Pilsners.

Fundraising / Events (Cynthia and Rick Lee): NHC volunteers needed for stewarding. Barktoberfest Sunday October 4th PUBS will help to coordinate and run beer garden area and earn a small split for their efforts. National Homebrew day is May 2nd. Stars and Suds August 7th-9th.

Misc. Items: -Guest Speakers: David Teckam will speak at this month’s meeting on Meads and Ciders. -Presidential beer presentation by Don and Cian to be done at this month’s meeting. -Club insurance: will be purchased based upon this month’s membership. -Pubs stickers to be printed. This item has been approved at prior meetings. -Club brew days: Jeff Jacobs to host a brew day at his house on 6/6/15. JW would like to get in line to host, day to be determined. - Club expenses: Dagan has raised concerns about how the club is spending its money and how it is keeping track of these expenses. It has been agreed upon that we need to establish a spending policy for club expenses. We also need to put together a spreadsheet in excel to track donated inventory coming into the club and going out for raffles. -Taxes: nearly complete, waiting on a couple of questions from the accountant. -Big Mike: Will not speak this month, but will speak next month on Kolsch. -Score sheets for monthly style competition: It was discussed that we would attempt to simplify the score sheet for our monthly competition into a short form with hand written notes/suggestions and scores that the brewers will get to take home. Tim has volunteered to put together a preliminary sheet to be used at upcoming meetings/competitions.

Adjourned: 8:00pm