Meeting Minutes - Board of Directors - April 9, 2015

PUBSBoard of Directors Meeting 4/9/2015 Meeting Started: 6:33pm Present: Dave Long, Tim Dozier, Jeff Jacobs, Don Isbell, Cynthia and Rick Lee

Last Month’s Minutes: We voted to approve the minutes as is.

Treasury Report: Current Balance is approx. $2,373. Dave has established a tracking system using excel spreadsheet for club income and expenses. We discussed the use of a Triplicate Reciept Book to track donations. Jeff will look into purchase.

Membership / Merchandising (Don Isbell): 40 Members to date for 2015. Shirt Inventory: Don has full accounting and will post in Google Docs. We are nearly out of Black Jerseys.

Brewer’s Calendar: To remain as is. Pepper beer to be added perhaps for April 2016 or later. Beer Judging score sheet, ‘short form’ created by Tim Dozier, for style of the month will be implemented at this meeting. Each brewer will take home a score sheet from each table. Scores will continue to be averaged and monitored for abnormalities. We would like to continue to have Big Mike score a commercial beer with the club to continue that educational process.

Fundraising / Events (Cynthia and Rick Lee): AHA Big Brew Day 5/2. Barktoberfest Sunday October 4th Stars and Suds August 7th-9th, we are at 42 and need 50. NCHF – Tim Dozier has volunteered to help coordinate PUBS presence at this year’s event. Stickers, we got 50 for $64.10. One sticker and one glass for gold memberships. Payment of deposit for “stars and suds” $800, need receipts for reimbursement.

Misc. Items: -Big Mike to present the history of Kolsch, YES. -Meeting location: Remains at Boneshakers, we may be moving outdoors soon. -State Fair Homebrew Competition: Deadlines approaching for registration. -SMASH Beer guidelines: Single malt, Single hop, Single yeast…and at end announce what ingredients were in top three beers. -Mission Statement: Will be readdressed at future BOD meeting, needs revising/rewording. -Guest Speakers: Jeremy Warren for IIPA’s in October ? Mike Mraz for Sour beer month ?, Dragas ?, Mitch Steele ?

End: 8:30pm