Meeting Minutes - Board of Directors - February 5, 2015

PUBSBoard of Directors Meeting 2/5/2015 Meeting Started: 6:40pm Present: Dave Long, Dagan Henderson, Tim Dozier, Don Isbell, Cynthia and Rick Lee.

Last Month’s Minutes: We voted to approve the minutes with one change which was a typo in the type of filing which has SFO.

Treasury Report (Jeff Jacobs not present): Current Balance is approx. $2,739.98. There are two outstanding checks, one of which is for the jockey box $748.92 and the other is for raffle expenses.

Information has been submitted for filing with accountant Frank Messina, there are still a couple of questions outstanding, but it is getting close to being completed.

Membership / Merchandising (Don Isbell): 16 Memberships, 10 gold memberships, 5 family memberships. Membership total at 40 according to Don.

Shirts: number of shirts is getting low. We still have 5 black jerseys, no shirt order at this time.

Brewer’s Calendar (Dave Long): - January 2016 Wood aged beers. - February 2016 Stout.

Fundraising / Events (Cynthia Lee): - NHC beer registration is now. - NHC registration to attend is also now. - Barktoberfest Sunday October 4th. - National Homebrew day is May 2nd. - Stars and Suds August 7th-9th. - Capital City Brew fest during Sac beer week. - 21st Amendment Brewers battle 3/1. - Learn to Homebrew day 11/7. - Monks collaborative brew day 2/7. - Beersmith follow-up class? - Monthly brew day to be scheduled.

Misc. Items - Big Mike: will speak at this month’s meeting on Wee Heavy. - Presidential beer presentation by Don and Cian, no Don at this month’s general membership meeting, Cian may be able to do presentation without Don. - A member has offered to donate keychain breathalyzers to the club as a raffle item. The Board has decided that this donation item will not be accepted because these types of testing gadgets cannot be deemed accurate or appropriate. - Conflict of Interest Forms Signed – Yes - Club insurance: will be purchased next month based upon current membership. - Club brew days: Rick and Cynthia to host this month. JW would like to get in line to host, day to be determined. - Jockey boxes: Have been purchased, Rick will finish out the construction. - Taxes: nearly complete, waiting on a couple of questions from the accountant. - Big Mike: Sac beer week presentations 3/2 beer history, 5 course dinner at OOB on ¾, $45/person. - Dave: potential to have a welder speak at an upcoming meeting. - Dagan: outreach to other local homebrew clubs to collaborate on events and possibly quarterly meetings.

Adjourned: 7:30pm