Meeting Minutes – Board of Directors – January 8, 2015

PUBSBoard of Directors Meeting 1/8/2015 Meeting Started: 6:40pm Present: Dave Long, Dagan Henderson, Jeff Jacobs, Tim Dozier, Don Isbell, Cynthia and Rick Lee.

Last Month’s Minutes: There are no minutes to approve from the December Board meeting because there was no official meeting because we held our PUBS Christmas party on the first Thursday of the month at Monks Cellar.

Treasury Report (Jeff Jacobs): Current Balance is approx. $2,930.00. Our balance has risen with an influx of membership dues over the past two meetings (Nov/Dec).

Membership / Merchandising (Don Isbell): 2015 memberships paid in Nov and Dec is 28. Membership cards to be provided at next week’s general membership meeting. Club t-shirts are running low with limited size availability; it is time to discuss another run. We will put together an order and submit to our usual vendor and get another bid for comparison. Website needs updates to include the addition of winning recipes if brewers are willing to share. We will continue to increase our use of Google Documents online to keep track of our membership list and other club documents. Don to do a tutorial at our next meeting.

Brewer’s Calendar (Dave Long): January: Smoked Beers, February: Strong Scotch Ales, March: Ciders/Meads, April: Kolsch, May: Bock, June: European Pilsners, July: SMASH Beers, August: Session IPAs, September: American Pale Ales, October: IIPAs, November: Sours, December: Brewer’s Best It was proposed by Billy that we establish a calendar that would give lead time to brewers as to when they should brew a beer for the upcoming monthly styles. In general for the upcoming year the following lead times were determined: -One Month: Ciders, Smash, Session IPAs, American Pale Ale -6 Weeks: IIPA -Two Months: Kolsch, Bocks, European Pilsners, -Eight to twelve months: Meads and Sours

Fundraising / Events (Cynthia Lee): The Art of Beer January 30th. There has been an offer and the Board has agreed to purchase 10 VIP tickets to the event at a discount and provide them to club members on a first come first serve basis. Winterfest: January 16th. We were asked to participate by providing homebrew and pouring at this event. We have decided to decline due to time constraints. Misc. Items

-  Beersmith Class: Cynthia requested another Beersmith Class be put on for club members. It was decided another class would be done, date to be determined. -  Brew Day Calendar: Club brew days for the coming year need to increase. We discussed setting up a calendar on Meet up. Jeff has volunteered to have a brew day in early June. Rick and Cynthia agreed to host a brew day in January. We are always looking for willing hosts for these events. -  Guest Speakers / Big Mike: We are not sure if Mike will be speaking on the history of smoked beers this month. Don and Cian are prepared to speak in February on the President’s Beers. -  Conflict of Interest for was signed by all Board Members. These forms will be held by the Secretary, Tim Dozier. -  Club Insurance (Dave Long): Open enrollment is in March, we had voted in December to approve this expense. Most venues will require us to carry our own insurance to hold meetings or events on their property. -  Meeting Location: Boneshakers has agreed to continue to host our meetings on the Third Thursday of each month. -  Club Stickers (Cynthia Lee): We had agreed to purchase stickers for the club at the last meeting. Artwork and vendor still needed to be approved. -  Jockey Box (Dave Long): We had agreed to move forward with the purchase of a Jockey Box at our last Board Meeting. Dave was continuing with research and we agreed to purchase (2) 2-tap boxes at a total cost of approx. $600. -  Monthly Commercial Beers (Dagan Henderson): Dagan has agreed to bring commercial varieties of our monthly beer styles. We will use Boneshakers as a commercial variety whenever possible. Dagan will bring approx 3 commercial varieties, ice, and ice chest to monthly meetings. -  Taxes (Jeff Jacobs): Accountant Frank Messina needed additional information regarding our raffles; progress is being made toward filing the clubs taxes. -  California Corporate (Dagan Henderson): Needs to fine CFO form with annual $20 filing fee. -  PO Box (Dagan Henderson): Provided by Dagan over the past year has not been renewed.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:40pm