Meeting Minutes – Board of Directors – November 6, 2014


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Date: 11-6-14 Location: Out of Bounds Brewing Co. Attendees: Rick Lee, Don Isbell, Dagan Henderson, David Long, Tim Dozier, Big Mike, Jeff Jacobs, Cian Boland, Brenda Mench and Daughter, Chris Mattox

Tim call the meeting to order at 6:33PM.

- 10/2/14 meeting minutes were approved with the understanding that the Brewing Calendar was incorrect. David Long publish the corrected minutes prior to publish them to the web site.

Treasures Report:

  • Jeff reported that the club has $2134.00 in the checking account.
  • Jeff will be contacting Frank Massina Jr. CPA who will be filing the appropriate form to get the ball rolling with the clubs 501c3 status.
  • Jeff will also be researching the requirements to obtain a resale license.
  • David submitted a proposed budget for 2015. Questions were brought up concerning a few of the line items. These line items will be adjusted. A special meeting will be held next Thursday to follow-up on this topic as well as the insurance issue mention below.
  • Cynthia requested that a club jockey box be added to the budget.

Membership Report

  • Don asked if we should start collecting 2015 membership dues at the November and December meetings. The directors all agreed that he should start.
  • Don also asked if we should raise the membership fees to $30 since the club is considering purchasing AHA Homebrew Club Insurance for it’s membership at $3.50/year annually. Quite a lively discussion took place concerning insurance question, with Dagan arguing against purchasing insurance. No decision was made at the time, but will be discussed at the special meeting mentioned above. In addition, David suggested that we should not raise the membership fees without a budget in place.

Vice Presidents Report

  • David reviewed the Brewing calendar with the board members. A few adjustments will be made to the calendar. Most notably, Sour beers where added to the November 2015 competition. 

Brewing Calendar for 2014/2015:

November 2014 Spice, Herb, or Vegetable
December 2014 Brewers Best (any style)
January 2015 Smoked Beers
February 2015 Strong Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy
March 2015 Cider/Mead
April 2015 Kolsch
May 2015 Bock
June 2015 SMASH Beer
July 2015 European Pilsner
August 2015 Session IPA
September 2015 English Brown
October 2015 Double IPA
November 2015 Sours
December 2015 Brewer’s Best (Any style)
  • Rick and Cynthia had concerns with the judging-some groups are scoring some beers unreasonably low, while others are scoring same beer very high. They felt that more beer judging education would result in closer scoring. The idea was put forward to have a BJCP judge actually score a commercial beer and discuss the beer’s qualities/flaws ahead of the completion. The Directors generally agreed on this, so look for this in upcoming meetings! The Directors also felt that the judging tables/groups should be mixed up so that the same members are not judging together all the time.


  • Cynthia will look into “Store Reward” cards once we formally are granted our 501c3. David also mention that we could add AHA Membership and BYO Magazine subscription links to our web site to raise additional funds.
  • Cynthia report that Boneshaker will not have the additional room ready for us for our general membership meetings. This will put us in a bind for future meetings unless we change the meeting nights to Monday or Tuesday.
  • Cynthia reported that Monk’s Cellar will be hosting our annual Christmas Party this year. They are also willing to host our monthly general meeting, but they informed us that they had to check on a few things first. Stay tuned.

Club Activities:

-10/26/14 – Don and Dagan had Educational Brew Day on 10/26/14. Several PUBS members attended it. The brew of the day was an Irish Red, and Dagan reported that they hit their original gravity spot on.

- David Long is having an Educational Brew Day on Black Friday (11/28/14). More information will be posted on the PUBS website soon.


  • Cian Boland advised us that he volunteered to serve beer at the California Craft Brewers Association in Santa Rosa. This event was well attended by renowned breweries from all over California include Stone and Russian River. Sacramento area was well represented with several local breweries attending. Cian said the CCBA will be looking for volunteers, and possibly a Homebrewing demonstration for a future conference in Sacramento.
  • Don shared a message he received from Katelin MacAfee-Johnston Assistant Producer of Auburn Events. They are starting the NorCal Recreation & Leisure Living Show in May at the Auburn Fairgrounds. She asked if the club would be interested in organizing a homebrew competition that would coincide with the show. This might be difficult for the club since it may be heavily involved with the Placer County Fair around that time. However, personnel changes at the fairgrounds in Roseville might mean that there won’t be a homebrew completion at the Placer County Fair this year. If this is the case, the club will probably participate at the Auburn show.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.

David Long PUBS Vice President