Meeting Minutes – Board of Directors – June 5, 2014

PUBS Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Date: 6-5-14 Location: Out of Bounds Brewing Co. Attendees: Rick & Cindy Lee, Don Isbell, David Long, Tim Dozier, Chris Kuhn, Niki McCargar, Big Mike

Tim Dozier called the meeting to order at approximately 6:40 pm.

Brewing Calendar for 2014:

January 2015

Scotch Ale

February 2015


March 2015


April 2015


May 2015



Brewers Best (any style)


California Common




Black IPA


Belgian Dubbels & Tripels


Spice, Herb, or Vegetable


Brewers Best (any style)

 May Brew Competition Winners:

David Long  – General Vote, no judges vote (10 points)

 Club Expenses: Jeff reported about $3,104 in the account. There were no new members who joined during the May meeting.

Club Activities:

- PUBS Beer Camp Stars-N-Suds is the weekend of June 28th. There is limited space. RSVP on Meet Up to reserve your spot. If you are unable to stay the night there is a Saturday night only “ticket”. Saturday night from 5-10 to stay for the bands and dinner. $25 + $7 parking fee.  Payments are now being accepted! Any questions contact Cynthia.

- Hot Summer Ales will be in August. This year is American IPA. Bone Shaker is interested in hosting and having the winning beer brewed and served there!

- NCHF Beer Camp is September 19-21. Please save beer caps for a design idea for our booth!

- Big Mike is possibly doing a beer pairing dinner at the end of August. More details to come.


-Club Sponsored Experiments: Present an idea to the board of a brewing experiment you would like to try. If the board approves the experiment you will receive $50 towards ingredients and you must make a presentation of the results when done.

- Non-profit status: The state approved our request for 23701G.

- Technique Presentation ideas: Fermentation, What is needed to brew, Off flavor kits, Presidential brewers, clarifying agents, carbonating techniques…

- Guest Speakers: Goat House (June), Bike Dog (July)

- Judging for Brewers Best: Each table judges a 1st-3rd place then does a “best of show” judging to determine overall winner.

-Month of California Common winner possibly brews for NCHF competition if interested.

-New Board Members: Anyone who is interested in seeing how the board meetings go and what happens are welcome to come check it out. Board will buy dinner and/or beer!

The meeting was adjourned at about 8:00 pm.

Niki McCargar PUBS Secretary