Meeting Minutes - Board of Directors - May 1, 2014

PUBSBoard of Directors Meeting Minutes

Date: 5-1-14 Location: Out of Bounds Brewing Co. Attendees: Rick & Cindy Lee, Don Isbell, Dagan, David Long, Tim Dozier, Chris Kuhn, Niki McCargar Tim Dozier called the meeting to order at approximately 6:40 pm.

Brewing Calendar for 2014: May Cream Ale June Brewers Best (any style) July California Common August Saison September Black IPA October Belgian Dubbels & Tripels November Spice, Herb, or Vegetable December Brewers Best (any style) January 2015 Kolsch March Cider

April Brew Competition Winners: David Long – General Vote, no judges vote (10 points) Rick Lee – Wall Beer (5 points) * Starting in May, Wall Beers will be discontinued.

Club Expenses: Jeff reported about $3,100 in the account. There were about 4 new members who signed up last meeting.

Club Activities: - PUBS Beer Camp Stars-N-Suds is the weekend of June 28th. There is limited space. RSVP on Meet Up to reserve your spot. Payments are now being accepted! Any questions contact Cynthia. - Rubicon needs volunteers to help sort beer for the State Fair on May 24th. Contact Cynthia if you are interested. - State Fair commercial beer judging is in need of stewards. See Cynthia if you would like to help or if you have any questions. - Hot Summer Ales will be in August. This year is American IPA. Bone Shaker is interested in hosting and having the winning beer brewed and served there!

- Big Mike is possibly doing a beer pairing dinner in July. More details to come.

ABC Rules Enforcement - According to various mailing lists, ABC has been going after beer club’s hosts’ licenses. By regulating the liquor license, they are racking down and have actually suspended brewpubs licenses for having home brew on the premises. ABC states that home brew may be consumed in a bonafide competition. The board was concerned for Bone Shaker but JJ the owner has talked to the ABC and is fine with our meetings being there.

Misc. - Non-profit status: March 28th, IRS said the club will either wait 90 days if they have enough info or wait 180 days if they don’t have enough info to ok our non-profit status. The state needed a reply of what we would agree to file as that isn’t 501C3, so the board approved of Dagan’s letter in acceptance for 23701G. - Technique Presentaion ideas: Fermentation, What is needed to brew, Off flavor kits, Presidential brewers… - Guest Speaker ideas: Yeast Bay, Sierra Hops… - Beer TV: There was not enough popularity in California for the show so they decided to stay in New York.

The meeting was adjourned at about 8:17 pm.

Niki McCargar PUBS Secretary