Meeting Minutes - Board of Directors - January 2, 2014


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

 Date: 1-2-14 Location: Out of Bounds Brewing Co. Attendees: Rick & Cindy Lee, Don Isbell, David Long, Tim Dozier, Chris Kuhn, Niki McCargar, Cian Boland, Jeff Jacobs, Jack Babbit, Steve Dalberg

Tim Dozier called the meeting to order at approximately 6:15 pm.

Tim wanted to figure out a more structured agenda for the general meetings. The board decided the schedule as follows:

  • Opening for meeting, restate rules for bringing homebrew, NO commercial beers, etc.
  • Welcome new members, ask them to introduce themselves, and see where they heard about PUBS.
  • Introduce Board members.
  • Board member reports: 1.      Treasury 2.      Events 3.      Beer Calendar 4.      Brewer of the year (January general meeting only) 5.      Speaker (minimum 15-30 minutes) 6.      Big Mike lecture (10-15 minutes) 7.      Monthly style beers (start serving when Big Mike begins) 8.      Brewers choice

Club Expenses:

  • Don said there is about $2,100 in the account, but about $300 is going to taxes that have not been withdrawn yet.
  • Don also reported that there are about 6 paid members for the year so far, and about 70 paid members last year. General membership is $25 and Gold membership is $50.
  • Don will get membership cards printed after he has about 20 paid memberships.
  • Don and Jeff are planning to meet to transfer account information to Jeff.

Club Activities:

  • Extreme Stout Competition: Last call for registration and drop off is Thursday, January 16th. The party/award will be on Saturday, January 18th at 6:00pm at Rick and Cynthia’s house.
  • Beer Smith Seminar by David Long is on Saturday, February 8th, at 12:00pm. The cover of $10 is for the lunch provided. Don’t forget to bring your own computer!
  • There is a possibility PUBS will be able to pour at a Placer County Fairgrounds event. More details to follow.
  • 21st Amendment competition is coming up! Sign up and rules for this year will be released soon. The board discussed getting a brewing team together soon.
  • Rick and Cynthia’s playhouse renovation still needs volunteers! The goal is to renovate it and tow it to different events to sell raffle tickets. We are hoping to raffle it off sometime before Easter.

Monthly Judging:

  • The board discussed how we could give better feedback to the brewers who enter their beer in the monthly style competition. We decided a good way would be to have 2 judges, (at least one that is BJCP certified), do a separate vote, and the general attendees have a separate vote.

Home Brewer of the Year:

  • Due to undecided time of start and data, the board decided there will be Co-Winners this year. Congratulations to Rick Lee and Tim Dozier!
  • To keep a more precise record of winners, the board decided the cellar master will keep track of who wins the monthly style, the brewers choice, and the judges pick. There will be 5 points awarded to each winner.


  • The board proposed a few different ideas of the Gold membership gifts. They were thinking 4oz glasses with the club logo, stickers, or tap handles.
  • They also discussed the idea of having monthly brew days.
  • Some goals for 2014 for the club are to get at least 100 paid members, and to get the general members of the club more involved in the club.
  • The board proposed and decided to give Big Mike an honorable membership and a big thank you for all the education and time he has given to the club.

The meeting was adjourned at about 8:05pm.

Niki McCargar PUBS Secretary