Meeting Minutes - Board of Directors - December 5th, 2013

P. U. B. S.  Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 12/5/2013Location: Whole Foods, Roseville Next Board Meeting: January, 2nd @ 6:30 PM – Location: Whole Foods, Roseville Next General Meeting: December 19th @ 6:30 – Location: Owl Club, Roseville

Attendees: Mark Law, Tim Dozier, Don Isbell, Dagan Henderson, Rick and Cynthia Lee, Steve and Jenny Dalberg, Jeff Jacobs, Mike and David Long

Mark Law called the meeting to order at approximately 6:20 PM.

Brewer’s Best Results – The board was very satisfied with the results of last month’s Brewers Best competition. 16 beers were entered, and the brewers had the opportunity to speak about their beer with the group as it was being served. Those attending were able to vote for their top three favorite beers. This seemed to balance out the results. Congratulations to Zack for winning the competition with his Imperial Red Rye.

Club Competition Brewing Schedule:

December – Christmas/Winter Specialty Beers January - Porters and Stouts February – Barley Wine March – Amber Ale April – Schwarzbier May – Cream Ale June – Brewer’s Best (Any Style) July – California Common August – Saison September – Black IPA October – Belgian Dubbels and Tripels November – Spice, Herb, or Vegetable December – Brewer’s Best

Note: These styles may change based on input from the general membership.

Monthly Judging: The Board discussed several methods to improve feedback to brewers during the monthly competition. One idea brought up was to develop a Quick Judging/Scoring Sheet, and have members fill it out for the beers served. A raffle ticket would be issued to each member who turned in at least three sheets. The Board thought this was a good idea, but some members were worried about the quality of the feedback.  Another idea presented was to have a judging panel evaluate the beer and provide feedback. This is also thought to be a good idea, but the club needs to realize that judging beer can be a lot of work, so it wouldn’t be fair if the same individuals have to judge each month. The Board will continue discussing this in future meetings.


Meeting Presentations: Members of the Board recommended limiting presentations to 10-15 minutes, plus a 5-minute Q & A period, in order to keep the meetings moving along. The Board generally accepted this, but there will be exceptions based on the speaker and the subject matter.

Videos: Cellar Master Mike suggested that the club produce some brewing videos. The Board liked the idea, but with all the brewing videos available out there, we would need to develop a niche market. If anyone has any ideas, please share it with the board. By the way, Mike owns the necessary video equipment.

Guest Speakers:

  • December – David Techam BJCP Grand Master III Judge.
  • Pursuing Charlie Bamforth, Jamil Zainasheff, and Tasty McDole as guest speakers.

Club Expenses:

  • Don mentioned the club has close to $2000 in the bank, and the “books” are balanced and ready to transfer to Jeff.
  • It’s 2014 membership fee collection time.  Don Isbell will start collecting membership fees in November, December and January for 2014.  Membership fees will start at $25 per member, with a Gold Membership at $50. The board is discussing a special gift for Gold Members.

Club Activities:

  • The PUBS Extreme Stout and Porter Competition is happening soon. Registration will open December 13th, and the competition will be held either January 11th or the 18th. Entry price will be $15/entry.
  • David Long will teach a BeerSmith class at Rick and Cynthia’s house on February 8th. More Details to follow.
  • A “Big Mike” dinner is being planned for March. As of right now there will be 24 spots open @ $25 each. We’re sure Mike going to serve up some great beers, and wonderful food at this one! Don’t miss it.
  • Some other ideas being thrown around: Bike Dog bike ride, Der Bier Garden visit, Do-it-yourself seminar (Sac Beer Week), Club Brewing Experiments and a Pro Brewer’s Homebrew Event.


  • The club is looking for volunteers to help refurbish a play house that Rick and Cynthia have donated.  The plan is to raffle it off as a fund raiser for the club during the upcoming Sac Beer Week

The meeting was brought to a close at approximately 7:36.


David Long ( PUBS Secretary