Ted Northrop's Pumpkin Ale

PUBS!Below is a link to my Pumpkin Ale recipe. Looking over my notes, I realize that I misspoke regarding my pumpkin additions. I did not place any pumpkin in the mash this year, because I forgot the rice hulls and I was already worried about a stuck sparge from the wheat malt. Instead I added the first pumpkin addition to the boil kettle while sparging.

This can also be made as an extract using 7# wheat malt extract and by stepping 1# 2-row & 1# Wheat malt for 30min @ 150F with the first pumpkin addition.

I hope everyone has good luck with my recipe. This is one of my favorites to brew each year. But, be warned the pumpkin prep is a lot of work and tends to add a couple extra hours to the brew day.