Meeting Minutes – Board of Directors – November 7, 2013

P. U. B. S.  Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 11/7/2013

 Location: Whole Foods, Roseville Next Board Meeting: December, 5th, @ 6:30 PM – Location: Whole Foods, Rsvl Next General Meeting: November 21st @ 6:30 – Location: Owl Club, Rsvl

Attendees: Mark Law, Tim Dozier, Don Isbell, Rick and Cynthia Lee, Chris Kuhn, Niki McCargar, Steve and Jenny Dalberg, Mark Schindler and David Long

Mark Law called the meeting to order at approximately 6:38 PM.

 PUBS Conflict of Interest Policy: The attending board members voted unanimously to adopt a conflict of interest policy that must be signed by all sitting board members each year at the beginning of their term, or whenever there is a potential conflict of interest between a board member and PUBS that could result in financial gains or a monetary kickback to that board member as a result of PUBS business transaction with a 3rd party.

 Club Competition Brewing Schedule: November – Freestyle (Enter anything you want!) No Brewers Choice this month. December – Spiced and Specialty Beers February – Porters and Stouts

Note: the groups agreed to have the brewer voluntarily announce their beer before it is served at the November Freestyle Competition. The idea behind this is to find out about the beer while it is being tasted – the recipe, special processing, mistakes…are things that the brewers can speak about.

Guest Speakers:

  • December – David Techam BJCP Grand Master III Judge.
  • Pursuing Charlie Bamforth, Jamil Zainasheff, and Tasty McDole as guest speakers.

Web Site: Don Isbell has updated the look of our website. Check it out!

Club Expenses:

  • It’s 2014 membership fee collection time.  Don Isbell will start collecting membership fees in November for 2014.  Membership fees will start at $25 per member, with a Gold Membership at $50. The board is discussing a special gift for Gold Members.
  • The board discussed whether the club should collect a donation from non-members who attend the meetings repeatedly. A $5 entrance donation, or the implementation of a donation collection container ideas were suggested.  The board decided to shelve the idea, and will revisit it in the future.

Club Activities:

  • Steve Dalberg will be hosting a brew day at his house on November 16th. Come on out and have a beer with us. Rumor has it that Jeremy Warren of Knee Deep might be joining us. More info to come.
  • The PUBS Extreme Stout and Porter Competition is happening soon. Registration will open December 13th, and the competition will be held either January 11th or the 18th. Entry price will be $15/entry.
  • Xmas party with GCBA will be held the 14th of December at American River Brewing Company.  The board is looking into renting a limo for members who are attending.
  • Some other ideas being thrown around: BeerSmith Class, Food/Beer Pair Party, Bike Dog bike ride, Der Bier Garden visit, Do-it-yourself seminar (Sac Beer Week), Club Brewing Experiments and a Pro Brewer’s Homebrew Event.


  • Cynthia offered to raffle off a playhouse as a fund raiser for the club during the upcoming Sac Beer Week. The playhouse came with their new house, and they don’t have a need for it.

The meeting was brought to a close at approximately 7:59.

Cheers, David Long ( PUBS Secretary