Meeting Minutes - Board of Directors - August 1, 2013

P. U. B. S.  Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 8/1/2013

Location: Whole Foods, Roseville Next Board Meeting: September 5th @ 6:30 PM – Location: Owl Club, Roseville Next General Meeting: August 15th @ 6:30 – Location: Owl Club, Roseville

 Attendees: Mark Law, Tim Dozier, Don Isbell, Dagan Henderson, Rick and Cynthia Lee, Chris Kuhn, Nikki McCargar, Mike Moore, Steve Dalberg and David Long

Mark Law called the meeting to order at approximately 6:40 PM.

Whole Foods: Met briefly with Jeff Domenichelli of Whole Foods to discuss Beer/Cheese Pairing and Homebrew Demonstration Events. No dates were settled on, but there is a lot of interest from both parties.

Nametags:  Don Isbell distributed the nametags at the last general meeting, and will do so again at the upcoming meeting.  A big thanks to Don!

Club Competition Brewing Schedule: The Board added August – February beer styles. August – American Ales (Pale, Amber and Brown Ales) September – IPA (English, American and Imperial IPAs) October – European Amber Lager (Vienna Lager, Oktoberfest/Marzen) November – Freestyle (Enter anything you want!) December – Spiced and Specialty Beers January – Strong Ales and Barleywines February – Porters and Stouts

Guest Speakers:

  • Out-Of-Bounds and Knee Deep – Schedule to be determined.
  • Pursuing Charlie Bamforth, Jamil Zainasheff and Tasty McDole as a guest speakers

Club Activities:

  • Don Isbell will be hosting a brew day
  • NCHF Extreme Beer committee meeting will be held at Final Gravity.
  • Sierra Hops has opened up 4 invites for PUBS members to attend their annual hop harvest party on August 31st. Beer, food, brewing demo, hop discounts will be included, but you’ll have to pluck hop cones to earn it!
  • Placer Beerfest and Homebrew Competition will be held in Roseville on September 28th.  There is a homebrew competition associated with this festival, and the board is encouraging all PUBS members to enter their beers.  Entries are limited to Pale Ales, IPA’s, Stouts and Specialty Beers.
  • Xmas party with GCBA will be held the 14th of December at American River Brewing Company.  The board is looking into renting a limo for members who are attending. Still working on the PUBS Xmas party.  May be held at the Roseville Fair Grounds.
  • Hot Summer Ale Competition.  This is an invitational team competition for the best brewed pale ale.  All team will us the same grain bill, but are free to us other ingredients they want – yeast, hops, water additions and adjuncts.  The beer will be judged August 23rd with the winners announced at Loomis Basin Brewing on the 24th.  Entries will be judged using the BJCP American Pale Ale guideline. There will also be awards given for the best team theme.
  • Brew at Lockdown Brewery Rancho Cordova August 11th: This is a team competition (teams form 2 – 6 members) The winners will have their beer brewed by Lockdown!
  • Blues and Brews Competition - Bring in your beer August 17th to Colusa Casino and be part of their Blues and Brews homebrew competition. 3 Categories - Porter, IPA, or German Wheat & Rye. Here’s a link for more info:
  • Some other ideas being thrown around: BeerSmith Class, Food/Beer Pair Party, Bike Dog bike ride, Der Bier Garden visit, Do-it-yourself seminar (Sac Beer Week).

Recipe Site: Monthly Club Competition winners please remember to submit your recipes to David Long (, so that he can post them to our recipe site.  BeerSmith form preferred, but other formats are ok too.

PUBS Pod Cast: Belgian and English Ale Podcasts are now available on iTunes and the PUBS website!

August 15th Meeting: Bring Your Favorite Brewing Gadget Night. Brewers are encouraged to share with the group at least one of their favorite brewing gadgets-so bring your favorite brewing do-hickey and show it off to the rest of us! Steve Webber from Inspired Brewing Technologies, LLC will also be at the meeting to demonstrate his new line of lost cost fermenters.  These are awesome units so don’t miss it. American Pale Ale will be the style of the month.  Looking forward to judging several great beers!

The meeting was brought to a close at approximately 9:00.

Cheers, David Long ( PUBS Secretary