Election Time!

Hello PUBS Members! The following individuals have been nominated for the PUBS 2014 Board of Directors as of September 5, 2013.  If you wish to nominate an individual that is not on the list, please contact David Long at david.long@placerbrewers.org by September 19, 2013 - one week before the next general club meeting which has been delayed one week.  You will be able to write in a candidate for any position on the ballot. Elections will be held on September 26, 2013 during the general club meeting at the Owl Club.  You must be present to vote.

President: Tim Dozier Vice President: David Long Secretary: Niki McCargar Treasurer: Jeff Jacobs Communications and Membership: Dagan Henderson and Don Isbell (Co-Directors) Publicity and Fundraising: Cynthia Lee Activities: Rick Lee

Cheers, David Long PUBS Secretary