Meeting Minutes - Board of Directors - Dec. 6, 2012

P. U. B. S. Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 12/6/2012 Next Board Meeting: January 3rd @ 6:30 PM – Location: TBD Next General Meeting: December 20th @ 6:30 – Location: Roseville Brewing Co.

Attendees: Mark Law, Tim Dozier, Don Isbell, Dagan Henderson, Mark Schindler, Josh Denton, Cynthia and Rick Lee, Damian and David Long

Mark Law called the meeting to order at approximately 7:15 PM.

With the bylaws approved at our last general meeting, Mark Schindler was able to put together an Article of Incorporation document for the club. The document was signed by all directors and is ready to be sent on to the State of California for processing. Mark will also start the exemption application with the Franchise Tax Board soon. We are rapidly becoming an official club. Congratulations to all, and a special thanks to Mark for taking the time to do this for us!

Membership Cards: David Long submitted a sample PUBS membership card that will be issued to all paying members. Different methods of printing the cards was discussed and the decision was made to purchase our own card stock and print/laminate them as needed. The membership card will be used as nametags, as well as future discounts with beer establishments.

PUBS Holiday Party and General Meeting: The first annual PUBS Holiday Party was discussed. Unknown to us, Josh Denton had already made arrangement with Roseville Brewing Company to accommodate the club on Thursday the 20th. With this in mind, the Board made the decision to move the date from Saturday the 15th to the 20th (6:30-9:00). Watch the PUBS forum and Facebook page for further details. This will be a fun night, so bring some beer to share and/or a bottle (homebrew or commercial) for our holiday bottle exchange. Josh will be hosting a Beer Trivia Game, and the club will be providing Pizza. Don’t forget about the club competition…to go with the season, the beer style of the month is “Holiday Beers”. Also, please support RBC for allowing us to have the party at their business.

QuickBooks: Don Isbell proposed to the Board the purchase of QuickBooks for managing the clubs financial and tax information. The Board voted unanimously to proceed with the $299 purchase.

Sacramento Beer Week: Josh reminded the Board that Sacramento Beer Week will be on us soon, and thought that the Club should be involved with some activities. One event that was suggested was a 5-Keg Run/Walk. Lot of great ideas were thrown out about this, so a decision was made to form a committee to organize it. This could turn out to be a real fun event. If any member would like to join the committee please let one of the Board Members know and you’ll be included. Also, please let us know if you have any other ideas for SBW. Dagan proposed that the PUBS setup a page to allow the club to send out meeting and club activity notifications on a broader scale. The service costs $72 for 6 months. Even though expensive, the thinking is that if the club gets 3 additional paying members by using the service, then we will have covered our expense. By majority, the Board approved the expense for an initial 6-month period. The Board will revisit the service in 6-months to see if we want to continue with the service. By the way, Dagan sent out the first invite for the PUBS Holiday Party. So far we have 22 people that say they will be attending, so the service seems to be working.

The meeting was brought to a close at approximately 9:00.

Cheers, David Long ( PUBS Secretary