Meeting Minutes—Board of Directors—Oct. 4 ,2012

Next Board Meeting: November 1st @ 6:30 PM – Location: Mary’s Pizza ShackNext General Meeting: October 18th @ 6:30 – Location: Cynthia and Rick’s House

Attendees: Mark Law, Tim Dozier, Don Isbell, Dagan Henderson, Mark Schleicer, Josh Denton, Cynthia and Rick Lee, and David Long

Mark Law called the meeting to order at approximately 6:45 PM.

Meeting Minutes were approved from last meeting.

Club Logo: Congratulations to Harold Flood for winning the Logo Contest! Hopefully it will be ready for viewing at the upcoming meeting.  The board agreed upon one minor change and that was to change the word Placer’s to Placer.   This is in line the with club name and web address.

Monthly Beer Competition: The Board would also like to congratulate Brandon Beck the September Monthly Club Competition winner. Brandon won the competition with an excellent American IPA. Brandon has graciously posted his recipe on the forum—look for the posting by “branbeck” under the topic titled “Good to see you all light!”

This month’s style is Oktoberfest.  So, bring in and enter your Oktoberfest beer styles. Big Mike, who will be freshly returned from Oktoberfest in Germany, will be sharing his knowledge about the style, and I’m sure he’ll also have some fun stories to go along with it.  DON’T MISS IT!

Next month’s style is Brown / Irish / Scottish Ales.

501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization: Mark gave an update on requirements for filing for Nonprofit Organization status, as well as gathered required information to get the ball rolling.  Don offered to cover initial costs of filing, with several board member willing to submit Founding Membership fees ($100) to cover his expense.  Expenses will be in the neighborhood of $500-$600 just to get the club on it’s feet.  Anyone interested in making a Founders Membership fees should contact Don (Treasurer).

Some of the items that are required are:

  • Names and Addresses of all the board members.
  • PO Box, or Club Address (Dagan volunteered to let use his business PO Box for now)
  • Article of Incorporation
  • File for state and federal tax exemption status
  • EIN#
  • Bylaws
  • File for 501(c)(3)

PUBS By-Laws:  Club By-Laws were discussed, with several improvements being suggested.  David and Dagan will work on the final draft, and hopefully have them ready for submission to the PUBS general membership by the next meeting on the 18th.

Club Activities: Josh made several suggestions for potential upcoming club activities and events.  These included:

  • Holiday Party/Brew Day – possibly brew up a “Presidential Honey Porter” recipe.
  • Rummage Sale – Bring in and sell extra/unwanted brewing equipment with some of the proceeds going to the club (10% - 20%)
  • Brewery Tours (May/June and Oct/Nov)–Josh is a great resource for this one!
  • Overnight Club camping trip on the Russian River with visits to Bear Republic, Russian River and Lagunitas.
  • Non-Brewer Judging Competition – Best beer being determined by non-brewers.

Josh will put together a calendar for the Club.

Beer Judging Forms:  The simple beer judging forms at the last meeting seemed to work well from what I heard.  Josh also offered to let us use the judging form that he uses on his beer tours. His form is a simplified version of the BJCP judging form. Josh offered to give a presentation on how to judge beers and use the form at the next general meeting.

Guest Speakers: The board of directors would like to extend a special thanks Kelly and/or Brett from Roseville Brewing Company for their presentation and answering questions on the use of adjuncts in beer at the last meeting.

PUBS Meeting Place:  We are looking into two locations for our regular club meetings.  The first is the Owl Club in old town Roseville, and the second is Mary’s Pizza Shack in Rocklin.

The board had their last meeting at the Owl Club and the facility should work well, with the exception of limited table space.  They have offered to have a “Style of the Month” beer on tap for us to use as a commercial example for our month club competition. There are some questions about bringing home brew on premise.  Cynthia is working with them on this.

The board will hold their next meeting at the Mary’s Pizza Shack.  If you haven’t been there, they have a 7-barrel brewery on the premises!

WEB Site:  The PUBS website is online! Dagan published the first version for us to preview.  Thanks Dagan!  Check it out:

The meeting was brought to a close at approximately 8:45.


David Long ( PUBS Secretary