Meeting Minutes—Board of Directors—Aug. 2, 2012

Next Board Meeting: September 6 @ 6:30 PM – Location: TBD

Next General Meeting: August 16th @ 6:30 – Location: Roseville Brewmeister

Attendees: Mark Law, Tim Dozier, Don Isbell, Dagan Henderson, Cynthia and Rick, David Long, and additional guest appearances from Danial Burk and Scott William (Current and Ex-Presidents of Gold Country Brewer Association)

Mark Law called the meeting to order at approximately 7:00 PM.

The Board voted to approve the July 16th General Meeting Minutes.

Best methods for communications between Board members was discussed. The Board came to the consensus that email would be the primary mode of communication; however, board members will have each other’s phone numbers just in case it is necessary to contact another member other than email.  Dagan will create a contact list.

The creation of a public Face book page was suggested and approved.  Don will create this.  We need to get 25 “Likes” to be able to have a URL that contains the club name.

By-Laws and mission statement were then discussed.  Several examples of By-Laws were presented for review. The Board felt that By-Law were important and need to be established. Due to the scope of the task, the Board decided to hold off until next meeting to discuss the By-Law in detail.

The Board then agreed to continue the current meeting schedule, with the Board Meeting being held on the 1st Thursday of each month, and the General PUBS meeting held on the 3rd Thursday of each month.

PUBS club garb was brought up next. The Board felt that it needed a logo before it could consider ordering any club shirts, hats, etc.   Tim offered to help organize a logo contest that will be announced at our next general meeting.

Club membership fees were discussed.  All fees collected will be used to support club expenses including meeting room rental, web site hosting, insurance, non-profit filing status fees, commercial beer examples for the general meetings, etc…  The expenses to setup the club will be higher initially, so the board thought a special Charter Membership Fee might be appropriate.  Don Isbell will put together an initial budget estimate so that we’ll have a better understanding of what it will take to get the club started, and to sustain on an on-going basis.

We then spoke about the monthly club beer competition, and ways to promote club membership to participation. The board is leaning toward the Gold Country Brewers Association structure where members will anonymously enter their beer.  The beer will be judged by a panel of at least two judges, and by the general membership in attendance.  Points will be awarded for winning either the judge’s and/or popular choice. The points will be tracked throughout the year, and the winner with the most points at the end of the year will be awarded the title of PUBS Brewer of the Year.  A prize, which has yet to be determined, will be award in addition to the title.

This led into a discussion on the best way of sharing beer recipes with each other.  The board felt that it would be best to share recipes on-line vs. on paper.  A final method was not agreed upon, but hopefully when the website is completed, there will be an area for the collection of recipes; otherwise, we’ll need to come up with an alternate method.

The Board also a discussed general meeting agenda and topics. The following agenda was offered as a general guideline:

  1. President’s Call to Order
  2. Welcome New Members and Guests
  3. Officer Reports as necessary
  4. Old Business
  5. New Business
  6. Guest Speaker
  7. Education Topic
  8. Monthly Beer Contest w/Judging (The official meeting might end before this. TBD)

Some special education topics of interest were the brought up that included:

  • Beer Judge Certification Program for interested members (see
  • Brewing Hardware Equipment and Fabrication.

The meeting was brought to a close at approximately 9:00.

See you all on the 16th of August!


David Long ( PUBS Secretary