Meeting Minutes - General Membership - July 19, 2012

These are the very first meeting minutes for our new beer and brewing club.  They are not as organized as I would like to have them, but I did my best to capture the highlights.  Sorry ahead of time if I missed anything. Some great homebrews were brought and shared by many homebrewers.  It’s great to see that there are so many active brewers in the area that are interested in forming a club! I would like to thank Erik Schmid for opening up his Roseville Brewmeister Store for our  meeting.

Mark Law called the meeting to order at approximately 7:00 PM.

First order of business was announcements.

Erik Schmid announced to the members that The Brewmeister will have fresh hops arriving soon for wet hopping your Pale Ales and IPAs.  The following varieties will available: Cascade, Amarillo, Simcoe, Centennial and Citra.  Orders must be in by July 29th.  You can order online at, by calling 916-985-7299 or stop in at either the Roseville or Folsom stores.

Following the announcements, Mark then asked the group “What does the club want to do”?

How about a establishing a club name?  Ok, the group voted on the club name. Thanks to everyone for submitting their ideas. The acronym P.U.B.S. was almost universally agreed upon. The majority of the groups voted to name the club Placer Ultimate Brewing Society with 11 votes.  Placer Unified Brewing Society was a close second with 10 votes.  Welcome to the Placer Ultimate Brewing Society!

A Beer Style of the Month was then discussed.  The following style lineup was suggested: (still may need some tweaking)

  • August: Saisons
  • September: Free Style
  • October: Oktoberfest/Marzen
  • November: Brown / Irish / Scottish
  • December: Holiday Brews
  • January: Strong Ales
  • February: Porters and Stouts
  • March: Bock
  • April: Pilsners and Lagers
  • May: Pale Ales and IPA
  • June: Belgians / Sours
  • July: Wheat / Rye Beers

Club dues were then brought up.  There were 11 votes for $25 annual fees, and 10 votes for $50 annual fees.  In the end, the group came to the conclusion that it is difficult to establish membership dues when we don’t know our expenses yet, and besides, the club needs to lay out some groundwork before collecting any fees from any members.  The requirements for this will be discussed at the upcoming board meeting, which still needs to be scheduled.  Thanks Mark S. for offering your assistance in helping us “non-legal” types with some of the finer points of doing what needs to be done.

And speaking of the board, the following individuals volunteered for board positions.  The members in these positions are interim until the club can officially vote on them at an upcoming meeting. Anybody interested a position (even if it’s taken already), is more than welcome to contact the secretary (Me) to have their names added to the ballet:

  • President: Mark Law
  • Vice President: Tim Dozier
  • Treasurer: Don Isbell
  • Secretary: David Long
  • Communications: Dagan Henderson
  • Social Director: Josh  Denton
  • Fundraising: Cynthia Lee (I hope this is right Cynthia)
  • Board Member at Large: Erik Schmid (I saw you raise your hand Erik!)
  • Board Member at Large: Hardiman Cureton (Hardiman, I put your name here since you were interested in a board position)

Committees, committees, committees.  We don’t even have a board, and we are establishing committees already! Well here they are…

  • T-Shirts, Caps and Membership Cards: Carson
  • Road Trips:
  • Group Brews: Jared E.
  • Equip Builder: Rick and Chris
  • Meeting Location:
  • Contests: Jared E.
  • Incorporation: Mark S.
  • Guest Speakers: Josh D.

Dagan, our resident computer geek and web expert, advised the club that he has reserved two website URLs.  I don’t remember the other one (too many homebrews by then!), but was selected to be the official web site URL.

The meeting was brought to a close at approximately 8:45 - honestly, I’m just guessing at the time since I didn’t have a watch…See you all next month!